Online Profit Creation – How to Create a Sales Funnel

So how should your sales funnel be structured?

Of course the idea of a sales funnel is to introduce progressively more advanced and more expensive products as your subscribers purchase each progressively more advanced product.

A sample sales funnel might be structured like this:

1) A free product

2) A $10 – $17 product.

3) A $27 – $47 product

4) A $67 – $97 product

5) A $297 – $497 product

6) A $997 product

7) A $2995 product

8) A $5000+ product

Notice how as the subscriber becomes more comfortable with your products, using them and receiving value from your products, they will be willing to spend more and more money? Now, the nature of the sales funnel is that fewer and fewer people will buy each successively more expensive product over time.

Now, you might ask, why not just sell the person that is willing to spend $5000 the $5000 product right up front? The answer is simple: they won’t spend that with you until they trust you. And they grow in trust as they buy more expensive and valuable products from you.

You can also vary this sales funnel by creating additional products at price points that are in between the suggested price points. Or you can change the price points all together – just keep the concept of a sales funnel alive and well.

You can also have multiple products at each point in the sales funnel. You might have four $10 products, and three $47 products, for example.

The bottom line is, you want to use your sales funnel to create additional value to you and to the subscribers on your list, by offering more advanced products at higher prices.