5 Reasons to Use An Instant Site Creator to Build Your Websites

An Instant Site Creator is a piece of software that will allow you to create an unlimited number of websites with just a few mouse clicks. You can put up a new, professional looking site in minutes instead of hours or days, saving you both time and money. Here are five reasons you might want to use an instant site creator, or website builder software, instead of outsourcing the project or spending long hours doing it yourself.

Your site will be created in minutes, not days

Good website building software will let you make your own website in very little time, with you only having to click your mouse. No HTML, no FTP, no CPanel and no need to know anything about the technical aspects of website creation. You really do not need any advanced computer skills to make your own websites using this method.

Your site will look like it was professionally created

A good website creator will provide professional grade graphics and layout, providing an enticing look and easy navigation for your visitors. Yes, you can make a nice website with WordPress, but when not done properly it will simply scream out ‘amateur’. A website created with a quality website builder software will look like you paid a lot of money to have it made.

Auto-responder and payment solutions and will be integrated

If you have ever tried to insert your own auto-responder code into a website you know how tricky it can be. Without knowing HTML programming in can be a daunting task. A good instant site builder has the auto-responder already integrated into the site, so all you need to do is click on a button, choose your particular auto-responder, and insert.

Multiple payment solutions are also integrated into the software

Whether you use PayPal, 2Checkout, Alertpay, ClickBank, etc, all you do is click your choice and enter your account ID. It really cannot get any more simple or easy than this

Your site will legally comply with the new FTC regulations

Perhaps you have heard of the new Federal Trade Commission regulations that govern affiliate marketing websites and online businesses? The website builder software automatically generates fully compliant disclosure statements, as well as a privacy policy page and contact page. No need to keep up with Federal regulations and guidelines because it is all done for you

You will save money and have more time to spend on traffic generation

The expense of having someone create a site for you can be substantial. Designing and setting up a site, creating high quality graphics, and integrating auto-responders and payment solutions will cost you a pile of money in no time at all. And do you know what a good copywriter charges? Even a cheap copywriter will charge a thousand dollars for a quality sales page. With Instant Site Creator you can even launch a fully developed site complete with sales page, articles, auto-responder emails and more, all targeted to a current hot niche market. There really is no easier way to quickly launch your ‘online empire’ than using Instant site creator