Want to Make More Money Online? Give Away Your Information!

Giving away some information is not only the best way to make more sales and money, but also increasing your website traffic. One thing you should know is that people really want information and are willing to pay for it. We all love information and I myself do spend money on it.

When someone is hungry for a piece of information, they may perform a search on it. Many sites will come up in the results, and the person that performed the search has the option of scanning all of those sites in order to find the information they are looking for. However, not many people have the time to do that. In fact, most people do not even have time to read the websites they are visiting – they simply scan the pages.

People are naturally skeptical. If they come across your site, they may be very interested in the information product you are offering, but they may also wonder if the information is worth the money. Now here’s how you can gain their trust on your information.

Giving them a bit of information for free up front can help ease their fears. They will get a better understanding of the information you are offering and whether or not they want to buy it. Someone who is satisfied with your free information will see you as an expert; they will trust you and will be more likely to become your customer.

If you wrote an e-book, try taking a bit of that information and creating a special report that is available on your site for free. If you created a course that contains both print and audio materials, you can take a sampling of the information and create an e-course. You can sign up for an auto responder service that will email a section of your e-course each day to anyone who subscribes to it.

The point is to give them enough information to whet their appetite; don’t answer every question they have. You want to you leave them wanting more, they will be more likely to come back and spend money for the rest of your information.

This also creates a mailing list of people that are interested in your products. Stay in touch with your mailing list and continue to market your product to them. In addition to your own information product, you can also promote other related products to them using affiliate links.

You don’t have to worry about giving away too much information. It does not matter what subject your information product is about; there is always another related subject that you can promote to your market. For instance, if you had created a paid course on email marketing and created a free e-course on the benefits of email marketing, you can create a companion product about building subscribers list.

Even if the person who received the free e-course on email marketing felt all their questions on email marketing were answered, they may be very curious to buy the time building subscribers list course.