Retail Sales Conversions Strategies

Advertising increases traffic into a store but unless those bodies can be converted to sales, the store won’t produce any revenue. Successful retail operations use POP displays to improve conversions and improve profits.

Converting Disinterested Customers

Customers who visit stores intending to buy aren’t the primary focus of in-store promotional activities. They are already going to be paying customers and, though they might be encouraged to buy more, conversion efforts should focus on the non-customers.

These people might be planning a future purchase or comparing your prices to a competitor’s. If they can be motivated to buy today instead of tomorrow or buy from you rather than checking at the place across the street, your business is able to reap the benefits immediately. Other shoppers may not be planning to buy at all and are just killing time in your establishment. Converting these individuals to customers is a big boost to a store’s revenue.

POP displays highlight the products in your store, engaging the attention of wandering shoppers who may not really be looking at the items on shelves. They make the merchandise more attractive and have a positive effect on converting traffic to paying customers.

POP Displays Make the Sale

Ideally your sales representatives are interacting with each customer individually, helping them decide what to buy from your store. However there are many reasons a customer might be shopping without assistance. The store might be busy and your sales staff occupied, or a customer might simply prefer shopping without being pressured to buy.

POP displays are like sales representatives who are always on the job. They don’t take breaks, don’t get busy, and are always available to help a customer make a decision. They offer as much help as a customer wants and no more. The gentle sales assistance provided improves successful conversion without making a customer feel pressured or defensive. The benefits of this kind of passive promotional tool should not be underestimated.

Help Moving Low Profit, High Volume Items

One of the most popular uses for POP displays is to increase the sales volume of inexpensive merchandise such as the impulse buys at the checkout counter. Although they might have a significant markup, these items have a low actual profit individually and the store depends on a high number of sales to show an acceptable return on the product. It’s not worth the time of a sales representative to promote these products.

POP displays are an inexpensive method to increase sales of these inexpensive impulse items. They focus customer attention on merchandise they might otherwise overlook. Improving sales of impulse items improves a store’s revenue with little to no increase in operating cost and are a critical component in a successful retail operation.

Stores that use POP displays as part of their conversion efforts will see improved sales and revenue for little additional cost.