Small Niche Business Ideas – Catering to Students

Some of the best small niche business ideas out there are ones that focus on catering to students. Students typically have a very busy schedule and a decent disposable income. They are usually willing to pay top dollar for services that will save them time or energy. One great idea I’ve seen is a man who started a dorm storage business, with tremendous success.

At the end of his daughter’s Freshman year in school, he went to considerable time and expense to move her things from her dorm room back to their room. When the next school year rolled around and he had to then take those same items, still in their boxes, back to the same dorm room, he realized there had to be a better way.

The next year when classes were out, he rented an old house. It was very cheap to rent, as most of the students were returning home for the summer. He was able to get several students to rent rooms in the home to store their stuff in. He offered no help with moving, simply a place for the kids to store their things during the summer. With only 3 customers, he made more than 3 times what he was paying to rent the home.

It’s three years later and he now owns 4 houses in the area that he uses for just this purpose. He does almost no work and yet by coming up with a small niche business idea that works, he’s making a huge income.