4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Build Niche Stores

I would like to talk about 4 key questions you should ask yourself before deciding to jump head first into Niche Site Building.

Niche Store Building is similar to any other start-up business. The amount of success you enjoy will most likely be directly related to the goals you set for yourself and how you follow through with them.

(This is assuming you are a self-motivated individual. If not, then this is most likely

for you!)

If your goal is to be able to leave your full-time job with your Internet Marketing income, then you have set the bar very high. If your goal is to simply bring in a couple hundred dollars (give or take) a month to supplement your existing income, then you have set your bar lower (this is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you).

Once you have established where you want to set your bar, you are ready to move on to question #2…

I am fully aware of how cliche that sounds, but in this instance it is a very important thing for you to determine. Niche Store Building is

a “get rich quick” scheme, and it is

something that you can be successful in without putting in the effort required.

If you answered question #1 by saying “I want to set my bar high!”, then you need to be ready to accept that it will probably require just as many, if not

hours of work than your current job to reach your goal! You may be saying to yourself, “well if that is the case, why even bother?”

Well I will tell you. One of the greatest perks of Niche Store’s is that once you have put in the sweat and hard work of getting them set up, and ranked well in search engines, you have gotten past the tough part and can ease off. Yes, you still have to update your site with new content occasionally and continue to get exposure for your site (

), but for the most part the income you make is


Just remember this: You will get

of Niche Store Building what you put


There are some wonderful programs and scripts available that help automate the process of creating Niche Stores, the best being Build a Niche Store (BANS). There are a wide variety of ways to design Niche Stores, and many different Internet guru’s have their own methods which they swear by. The one common denominator to all

Niche’ers is that they are able to put together well designed, search-engine optimized (SEO) websites.

You can be the most motivated and devoted person on the planet, but if you do not understand the foundations of how the Internet and search-engines work, you will have a difficult time being successful with Niche Stores. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. But if you are serious about becoming a Niche Store Builder I would highly recommend that you brush up on current web-design and SEO practices so that your Niche Stores aren’t beaten to the ground by superior webmasters.

Our final question is another very stereotypical one, but again it remains important here.

One of the most important aspects of building successful Niche Stores is the ability to think creatively. Think about it this way… Go to Google and do a search for “iPod”. You will get millions of results. Now do a search for “Black 8gb iPod Nano”. You will get approximately 25,000 results. Which one of these two keywords do you think would be a better target for a Niche Store? The one with less competition of course!

If you want to be successful as a Niche Store Builder, you need to start thinking in these “outside the box” terms. By creating a Niche Store for “iPods”, you would have virtually a 0% chance at

being successful without pouring thousands of hours AND dollars into your site. But by targeting a “Long-tail keyword” relating to iPods, you have instantly lowered your competitors, thereby giving you a higher chance for success.

So, can

think up some good Niche ideas with a little creative thinking?

If you made it through these questions and came to the conclusion that building Niche Stores is for you, then congratulations! It was my intention to make this route sound difficult and time consuming, because

But it is also extremely rewarding if you do it the right way.

The Internet is

of newbie webmasters who want to be the next big success story. They jump into projects head first with little to no idea of what they are doing, and once they realize a few weeks later that they are completely overwhelmed and lost, they give up (and flush a bunch of money they spent on “get rich quick” products down the drain).

My goal is to help you follow the other, more difficult route. The route that ends with you getting deposits into your bank account every month from your Niche Store Building efforts!

So take some time to honestly ponder the 4 questions asked here.