How to Create a Free Flash Website

I’ve always been interested in making websites, I really like it. When I got started with website building I had no knowledge or skills at all, I learned by myself. I know for you this may not be a great achievement because it is something very easy to do with the appropriate softwares or platforms, but for me it was a big deal. Of course I got started with free blogging platforms in my early days, but as I learned more and as I began to see more improvements in my ability to create decent sites that achieved great rankings I got more interested in learning how to build my own self hosted sites with my own domain names. I learned a lot by myself, that made me proud, because I barely knew how to check my email when I got started with the internet. I learned how to create databases, how to use FTP servers like filezilla, etc.

Today i’m not here to talk to you about how to create a website and how to use all the necessary tools to get the job done, i’m here to talk to you about a more simple way to create beautiful professional flash websites for free. You all know how great flash websites are, and you all know that they are very hard to make, but there is a company that allows to create great flash websites in a very easy way, you just have to point, click, drag and drop. The website that i’m talking about is

Wix offers a great service, the free websites that people have made with this site are amazing, there is a catch though, you can’t monetize the free service, you must upgrade to their premium service, and if you do that you won’t be able to make money the way most of us are used to, you know adsense, affiliate programs and stuff like that. But you can create eStores, they allow you to add shopping carts that they provide to easily integrate to your site, and they set up the whole payment method through pay pal.

I know maybe this was not the type of opportunity you were looking for, because most of us look for services like these to make money, but you can use this websites to create beautiful websites that allow you to build a better reputation around your online activities, and you can create great e-commerce sites, although that if you want to do that you have to pay, so it won’t be free anymore. Of course you can use this service to your advantage, you can figure out a way on how to do that after you create your first free flash website.