Lighting Lofts and Other Open Spaces

When lighting needs to be provided to large spaces, then it surely becomes a task! It becomes difficult to implement the right lighting requirement that you have in your mind. Lofts and condos are the places where there are large spaces a lack of walls and fewer power points. All these factors just add to the lighting dilemma. Most lofts are divided into one or two large areas rather than a number of separate rooms. The problem of lighting in large spaces is aggravated by the high ceilings which are usually present in lofts. One of the important things to remember when lighting lofts is that it is not a gymnasium. This is because you will unknowingly provide luminous lighting throughout the space you have, which will make it look more like a gymnasium. Instead use the wide open space to create an inviting atmosphere.

It may be the open space that you liked about the loft to begin with. Use lights that can be suspended from the ceilings, in this way you will bring light closer to the floor. Cable lighting and monorail lighting are good options that you can consider for lighting your loft. Use light to break up the space to create separate areas. Just because it is one large room it does not need to be used in the same manner. Here light can be effectively used to create and break the space. You can use a focused or accent light in the dinning or sitting area. This type of lighting creates a soft and intimate area. Dark areas in between well lit areas will help to break the space and distinguish it as a different space without making the room look cluttered. Another common problem that you encounter when lighting lofts is the lack of power points to power the lighting.

Here the linear lighting systems like monorail lighting, cable lighting or

is a good option. With the linear lighting systems it is possible to connect multiple fixtures to the same power source. This is a good source of lighting when only one or two ceiling power sources are there. When lighting high ceilings you can suspend track systems and bring the light closer to the surface area. If the ceiling is higher than 8ft then the track systems will need wire supports. These can be used for any length that is required. Shadows are another common problem that can arise in large spaces. To avoid shadows all you need is a good mix of direct and ambient light. You should also be careful when using spotlights. This is because they reflect off any shiny surface like polished table tops and glass.