How to Compare Easy Website Builder Offers

There are hundreds if not thousand of easy website builder software available on the market today. The key to find the right one for you is by comparison. This is detailed work. If you want to save time and money, you need to be pro-active. Do not buy everything you see on the market.

Time is more important than money here. Because if you buy a product and start it, spend valuable time like one or two weeks or months and then may find it is not very user friendly nor useful.

See that it is refundable in time. You can get the money but not the time you already spent.

If you keep playing this game you will end up spending time on a dozen of these and a year would have easily gone by and realize you have been wasting your time.

I suggest that you keep a chart to check software before you buy. I am going to give you a list of features and tools to compare and check:

Does this compare all the leading search engine listings?

Does it give you ability to select exact numbers vs. broad search figures? Does it also give you the competition websites listed in all there major engines

does this tool provide building blocks to enter in forms for title, keywords, headlines, body text? Does it check for keyword density? Does it require you to know HTML?

Is it done by the software? What about the cost? Is it included already in the purchase price?

If so what are the server tools and limitations. What about the cost? Is it an add-on or included already in the purchase price?

Is already include in the price? Do they give you information about indexing and your position on the engines?

Does this suite of easy website builder provide auto responders and list building tools? How good and what are the limitations?

Can you create your blog? Is blogging software included in the package?

This for creating your own newsletter and updates and will help build a list.

Does this company provide a forum for the users of their software? How big is it and how is it ranked in Alexa? Remember lower the number higher the rank.

Is the cost of all the features and tools included in the package? In addition, is it justifiable and comparable to the others on the market?

What kind of ranking in Alexa does this parent company have? This is very important to evaluate the company.

What kind of testimonials are there. Is the testimonial verifiable by individual websites, contact addresses? Are these a bunch of names and city names put together for a show?

It takes a good amount time to compare and calculate cost. Do not skip this step. Go slow in the beginning before you start anything. Consider these foundations very carefully and purposefully to build good and successful business online