What is a Build a Niche Store? eBay Affiliate Training!

This software is for eBay affiliate marketers. So what is a build a niche store? It is a software designed to feed the current listings of eBay and you as an affiliate can promote those products and if they result in sale you will earn money.

This is not a get rich quick scheme it requires a lot of work. With build a niche store software, you can easily build your websites. After the initial $97 one time fee, you do not have to pay for anything else except the hosting and domain per each store. The software is easy to customize and you really do not need a lot of technical experience. You just need to know how to upload files and some basics such as copy and paste. As I said, very easy.

Besides this, you do need to input at least 5 articles about your products to make it a unique site. Google like unique sites, otherwise your site is going to look as everything else.

The hard part about this is that those website need to be in a profitable market, optimized for the correct keywords and promoted heavily. That is where the majority of work comes in. To build a build a niche store website it is very easy, but a website without a promotion is nothing and it will not bring you in any profits.

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I hope I answered your question on what is a build a niche store software. It is a great tool and you most likely will get addicted to it, but to make it profitable business, it does require some work to be put into it.