Google AdSense Publishing Secrets That Will Build An Online Empire

Google AdSense is one of the very best ways that you can earn money online. The reason for this is that you do not need to learn about building a list and also copywriting.

These two skills are what make it extremely difficult to succeed online. However, with AdSense basically all you need to do is build a large content site and you will attract free targeted search engine traffic. Then place your adverts up in prominent positions and you will start earning money.

In this article I would like to go over the fundamentals that will help you to build a very stable AdSense business.

Let’s face it you are not going to earn a lot of money by promoting one or two pages. You need to have a website of at least a few hundred pages or thousands of pages. This is so that you can get thousands of visitors from free search engine traffic. The best way to make money is to get free traffic. I also suggest that you get a large amount of quality one way links pointing to your site so that you get good rankings.

What will ultimately determine your success or failure will be the keywords that you choose. If you choose keywords that pay very little you will not make much money. If you choose ones that target industries that pay very well like credit card and insurance you will end up making a lot more money.

What I have found is that you can triple your income by placing your adverts above the fold. If they are in line of sight when people view your site there is a greater chance that people will click on it. Also use a white background with a blue hyperlink as this will dramatically increase your click through.