How to Get People to Come to Your Party

You’ve got a great idea for a party, but you’re worried about how to get people to come to the party. You’re in good hands. Follow these rules and you’ll get so many people to come to your party that you’ll have to start turning them away.

Here’s how to get people to come to your party.

First, check with your closest friends and family to see what day and time would work best for them. Don’t send an open-ended question to dozens of people. That will get you a confusing mess of answers. Pose a date and time, send it to your friends and family, and ask if any of them have conflicts. For the people who have conflicts, ask what day or time would work. Repeat the process until you have a day and time for the party that works for most people. This can cut down on a lot of the no-shows from people who would actually have come to the party if they didn’t have a conflict.

Parties benefit from having a wide range of people. Inviting outgoing people helps drive the party and helps the shy guests feel at ease. Inviting people from a wide range of backgrounds can make for a complex and satisfying mix of interests. Inviting a large number of people, however, can be a key to getting people to come to your party. If you are comfortable with the idea, and if your venue will allow for it, tell your guests they may bring their own friends to the party. You can limit the number of friends or ask them to spread the word as much as they like. For the first, ask them to RSVP with the number of guests so you will know what to expect.

Finally, make it a party they can’t say no to. You can do this by pulling on their heart strings, by making it their duty, or by making your party as exciting as you can. The first two involve a certain amount of manipulation, and that isn’t always ethical. If it is your grandmother’s ninetieth birthday though, it is okay to insist that your entire family attend. Make your party desirable by catering it with delectable food, by hiring a DJ, by inviting guests other guests will want to see, or by hosting an event that appeals to a wide number of people. Food and music should be of a wide variety so as to appeal to the greatest number of people. You will know which guests others will want to see, depending on the type of party you are throwing. For a bridal shower or bachelorette party, you can tell guests how much the bride to-be is looking forward to seeing them. For a college party, inviting lots of girls will help boost party attendance. Securing a really great venue will make for a party that no one can resist. Throw a party on a boat, at a beach, at a cabin, or at a restaurant, and every person you invite will want to come.

You’ve planned the best party at the most exciting venue. You’ve invited everyone you know and (through them) lots of people you don’t know. You’ve planned around other people’s schedules and major holidays, and your guests know the guest of honor will be infinitely disappointed if they don’t arrive. You’ve got a party people will want to come to. Now, all you’ve got to do is throw it.