How to Sell Your Own Self-Published Books

How is it possible to sell your own self-published book with 692.3 million books reported by Nielson BookScan as being sold in 2007? This is a 5% increase from the previous year.

It has been reported by Publisher Weekly that the internet is the dominating factor when it comes to bookselling. In 2007, 35% of book purchases during the nine-month period reviewed by Publisher Weekly were generated by direct-to-consumer (internet, book clubs, book fairs, other).

As a self-published author, the ability to sell your own books through the WorldWide Web makes it more achievable. The internet brings authors, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. to an even playing field. This vehicle makes anyone with a website accessible to a global population.

Just within the second quarter of 2008, the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce stated that the total number of internet users worldwide was 1,463,500,000. This is a large audience accessible to your website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

That isn’t all. As a self-published author, there are customers out there waiting and wanting to find you on Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Consumers are still purchasing each and every day. Within the second quarter of 2008, retail sales increased by 0.9 percent over the first quarter of 2008. This is equivalent to $1,034.8 billion USD.

How do you sell your own self-published books? The answer is the internet. With the proper website fundamentals, strategies, techniques, and resources on learning how to sell your book online, as well as learning how to market a book, it is possible. In addition, you will have access to a larger, worldwide audience.

Why is the internet a powerful vehicle for any self published author?

– Low cost to start and operate

– It’s open and available 24/7

– Worldwide marketplace

– You are your own publisher and boss

– It offers flexibility – You can do business anywhere

– Offers the ability to advertise for free

– The internet is the fastest growing industry ever

The ultimate goal for the self-published author is to create the ultimate results online, which includes having your target audience:

1. Find Your Website: Out of the more than 1,463,500,000 websites. This can be done through website fundamentals and techniques.

2. Like You and Like Your Book: Once you’ve been found, it’s time to be part of the $1,034.8 billion in sales by having a website that includes the proper elements and strategies to generate action.

3. Buy It – Your book: Achieving one and two, the excitement comes when your visitor buys a copy of your book.

Today, the fastest growing vehicle with an all-access pass to the world is known as the Internet and the Worldwide Web. As a self-published author, learning how to sell your book online is the key answer to how to sell your own self-published books.