DIY Website Design For E-Commerce

For those that are not wanting or able to pay the full amount that is requested by a professional website designer, it is still possible to get yourself online with a suitable piece of software for an Ecommerce Web Design if you wish to.

There are a whole array of DIY website tools available to choose from, many offering free trial periods. If you want to try your hand at website design and want to build your own website then these are the places to start. Look around for a website that you feel you can work with that offers a suitable free period. You might see free trials from 10 days to 30 days. Just remember that if you sign up for a service with just a 10 day free trial that you must get on with the project straight away – else your free trial will be up and you will not have built the website and won’t know if that is the site for you!

But, I do sometimes feel that this is actually a good idea. On those services with a 30 day trial, it is tempting to put it down for a few days, get held up and forget to come back. With any such project you need to set your deadlines and work to them.

But what features should you be looking for with an ecommerce website builder? Well, does it cope with your level of technical expertise? Do you have to get technically involved or is it just click and point? Does the tool assist you in the development of a logo and the layout of the site? Do they offer a wide enough range of professional looking templates, or are they just offering 2 templates and leaving you to do the rest?

Getting the look right is the hardest part of building any website so having sufficient quality looking templates is essential, unless you are artistic and willing to work from scratch.

Then, there are other consideration to look at. How many products does the service allow you to hold? Is there a limit or are they unlimited? Does the limit cover the number of products that you carry? And how easy is it to back all of this up and do they do that for you? One wrong press of a button can delete the entire product database, so backups are essential.

Also there is the integration to a payment system. An e-commerce site is nothing without a shopping basket and payment system. Most will integrate to PayPal, but what about other options? Can you choose to use other methods, if that is what you wish to do?

And with any DIY website builder tool, whether you get stuck or not during the free trial period attempt to contact their support desk! You might just need to do it for real in the future, if you cannot get through then what will you do then?