AlcoSense – The Online Store to Save Your Life

If you drink and drive, you will be lucky if you arrive home safely. Indeed, chances are that you can meet an accident along the way or be caught by enforcers and cancel your license for a few months. Definitely, you do not wish this to happen to you. However, it can be very hard to tell when is the right time that you can safely drive after an alcohol intake. The answer for this can be brought about by AlcoSense.

This online store offers a great deal of items that can help you get rid of the unwanted effects of drinking and driving. True enough, all of its products have been accredited by the US Department of Transport Standard for Hand Held Breathalyzers. And since UK has the same drink drive limit as that of the US, their products are the best pieces to use.

Offering The Cheapest Handheld Breathalyzer Today

For the record, AlcoSense is offering the whole of UK the cheapest handheld breathalyzer there is. However, despite the affordable price, its quality and features are far better than that of its counterparts that are in the same price range. The cost is only 24.99 Euros. You can even use money off vouchers for AlcoSense, AlcoSense offer code and AlcoSense UK discount code and get the product even cheaper.

The product’s name is AlcoSense ONE. This is a reliable device that adopts MEMS sensors to delivery its function successfully. Much more, this one is user friendly and durable in use. However, it has no automatic clear function that leaves you to wait an hour in between tests for more accurate results.

Also, the readings of this breathalyser are so simple for an average person to understand. It displays the percentage of your blood alcohol content. Since UK’s limit is 0.08 percent, you are not advised to drive when the results are higher than that.

Offering World-Class Products

Apart from the AlcoSense ONE, there are two more products that are available in this online shop. These are the AlcoSense Lite and AlcoSense Elite. These two devices come with cutting-edge technology and can deliever outstanding features as well.

Both of these models are easy to use and release easy to understand results. Unlike AlcoSense ONE, they show the level of intoxification and even give you alerts whether to drive or not.

However, in terms of the consistency of usage, these two models are slightly different. As to the AlcoSense Lite, you have to wait for a minute before you can use it again for a new testing. This is to give way for the evaporation of the alcohol residues in its blow chamber. On the other hand, AlcoSense Elite works more advanced. It has an actual cleanup features that automatically clears up residue every after testing.

Lite is priced at €34.99 while Elite is at €59.99. However, same with AlcoSense ONE, if you use any AlcoSense offer code, you can get discounts from the regular rates of these models. You can take advantage of AlcoSense UK discount codes in various releases online.

In a word, if you wish to be at the safest every time you drink, browse through the collection of breathalyzers in AlcoSense. Getting any of their products will always give you a great help.